Mishaps to look out for when applying for a mortgage loan

May 27, 2019

What are mortgage loans?

Mortgage loans are a preferred method used by property and residential owners to secure loans to be used to raise funds to purchase or build real estate for or for any other purpose. The owner’s property or residential estate is used as collateral to secure the mortgage loan. The lender of mortgage loans in many instances are banks, which agrees with the borrower on the terms of the loan.

The loan terms include the repayment period, interest charged, and the recovery procedure in cases failure to repay the loan in the agreed time. The arrangement in mortgage loans is that the borrower receives cash upfront and repays the loan over a set period until he clears the loan after which the rights to the property used as collateral returns to the rightful owner.

Mortgage loans are becoming a standard feature by property owners requiring urgent loans to finance other ventures. The loans are becoming common because of how easy it is to secure them and the favorable interest and repayment period attached to the credits. However, the borrower needs to be smart and well informed on the red flags before securing the mortgage loans. There are mishaps to look out for before appending your signature on that loan paperwork to secure the mortgage loan.


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Common mishaps and how to avoid them

There are many mishaps that the borrower is faced with before, during, and after the application and repayment of the mortgage loan. Below is a highlight of the most frequent mishaps and possible ways of tackling them:

  • Documentation – Ensure that the documentation and paperwork provided for during the loan application process has all the necessary required information. Avoid the instances of late or missing paperwork that might be costly, which can even end up costing you the loan

  • Credit card status – Check on your credit card status, which can impact on your ability to get the mortgage loan. Lenders check on your credit history before deciding on whether to offer or withhold the loan, as your credit history indicates your abilities to repay the loan. Ensure you clear any existing credits and create an impressive credit history, or better, apply for a new line of credit

  • Employment history – Regular change of or quitting a job might impact on your ability to secure a mortgage loan. Lenders prefer a steady employment history which will guide them in handing out the loan.

  • Information gathering – Shop around and gather information on the available mortgage loan offers from the various lending facilities within your locale. Do due diligence to ensure that you settle on the best deal with fairer interests and considerable payment period. Check out the loan terms and requirements before making a decision.


The borrower needs to be well informed on all the requirements the red flags to check out for and make an investigation on the available lenders with the mortgage loans conditions before deciding to acquire the loan.

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