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Each client has a story—some more colorful than others. See if any of these examples sound familiar?

  • CoreX Loan Scenario

    Mary wants to buy a house. She’s been renting an apartment for six years, and now she’s very excited to become a first-time homeowner. While she hasn’t enough saved for the full down payment, her family is willing to give her a gift. Mary is the office manager for a dental office. She earns $18/hour, with occasional overtime. Her FICO score is 605, with no late payments. Single, no children, Mary and her realtor are looking at townhomes near the dental office.

    In this loan scenario, Mary may be a good candidate for the HomeXpress CoreX loan. Submit your client’s loan scenario here.

  • PrimeX Loan Scenario

    David and his wife, Beth, would like to refinance their home of 12 years and make some home improvements. Their FICO’s are 762 for David and 598 for Beth. David is a self-employed plumber, and Beth is a stay-at-home mother of two children (ages 8 and 9). The plumbing business bank statements show healthy cash flow, as well as a consistent carry over balance. Their yearly income is surprisingly low, due to substantial tax write-offs. They’re concerned about qualifying for a loan.

    The HomeXpress PrimeX loan is ‘eXpressly designed’ for a loan scenario like David and Beth’s. Submit your client’s loan scenario here.

  • InvestorX/DSCR Loan Scenario

    Nicholas owns a farmer’s market and wants to buy an investment property. Since his business is primarily cash-based, he doesn’t deposit much into the bank. He keeps about $50,000 cash in a personal safe. He currently rents a room, and has a 652 FICO.

    Impossible loan scenario? Not at all! The InvestorX loan from HomeXpress may be the perfect solution for Nicholas. Submit your client’s loan scenario here.


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