What is your mortgagee loss payee clause?

HomeXpress Mortgage Corp
1936 E. Deere Avenue, Suite 200
Santa Ana, CA 92705
(Note: The ISAOA is not used in Texas)

Who do I contact regarding my payment?

BSI Financial
(800) 327-7861

How do I reset my password on X-Connect?


What are your lender ID numbers?

FHA LENDER ID: ​​​​​​​ 0097200000


VA LENDER ID: 9057550000

How long does it take to set-up my account on BSI Financial's website?

This may take 2- 4 weeks from the date your loan closes.

My homeowner's insurance premium did not get paid when my loan closed. What do I do?

If your insurance company or agent is contacting you for payment, please remember your lender does not disburse funds to any party to a transaction. Lenders ONLY disburse funds to title companies. Your settlement agent is the fiduciary in the transaction that handles the money. This is a fraud prevention policy required by the lender that protects you the homeowner.

Any payments that were disbursed to insurance companies or creditors are handled by the settlement agent. These agents include title and/or escrow companies. If a payment is “missing” please reach out to the settlement agent first.  

Who is my point of contact at HomeXpress Mortgage Corp?

Your mortgage broker and/or processor. Your mortgage broker, loan officer, and processor have access to our online portal.


What is your FAX number?

(714) 463-8901