Mike Koch

March 20, 2021
Drawing on his executive management experience with both Fortune 500 companies and smaller private institutions, Mike Koch serves as SVP, Capital Markets for HomeXpress Mortgage Corp. In his current role, Mr. Koch is responsible for analyzing and interpreting company data in order to implement change and drive performance. He conducts financial modeling, forecasting, asset-liability, and liquidity management. In addition, he is responsible for maintaining and establishing new relationships with banks, broker/dealers, and lending partners. In his previous positions as Chief Financial Officer for Evangelical Christian Credit Union (ECCU) and as Senior Vice President of Capital Markets for Fremont Investment & Loan, Mr.Koch was responsible for monitoring financial performance and oversight of various departments. He served on the Supervisory Committee and Board of Directors of Eagle Community Credit Union for over a decade and as Chairman of the Board for three years. Mike holds a graduate degree in Economics from The University of Southern California.