Lenders that Offer Non-QM Loans (2019)

April 2, 2019

Are you looking for non-qm loans for your private residence, and you’re not sure who to turn to? Consider seeking help from HomeXpress Mortgage. Read about our services below.

Who is HomeXpress Mortgage Corporation?

HomeXpress Mortgage Corporation is a company that specializes in non-qualified mortgage  (non-QM) loans. It was established by mortgage professionals whose goal was to offer loans to borrowers who didn’t fit under the qualified mortgage category. These professionals have many years of lending experience and quality service under their belts.

What is a Non-Qualified Mortgage Loan?

Some homeowners want to know what a non-qualified mortgage loan is before borrowing. It’s a type of loan that doesn’t fit under the rules of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Non-qualified mortgage loans are beneficial for people with credit issues like late payments, bankruptcy, and foreclosure.

Additionally, non-qualified mortgage loans adhere to certain underwriting guidelines that let the lender not only examine a homeowner’s credit score; they look at the whole picture. HomeXpress allows homeowners to purchase the home of their dreams regardless of any events that may have negatively affected their credit score.

What We Look for in Loan Applications

We at HomeXpress follow a specific criterium when considering loan applications. First, we examine a borrower’s income and employment category. Then, we look at your personal or business bank statements. (Must provide at least 24 months worth of statements.)

The process enables us to see the whole picture, plus determine whether you can afford to pay us back on time. We also look at expenses like lease payments and utility bills.

Where We Lend Loans

We’re proud to say that we are licensed to lend in 28 U.S. states, including Washington D.C.

Our Loan Products

HomeXpress offers four loan products: CoreX, PrimeX, InvestorX DSCR, and InvestorX Full/Alt Doc.

CoreX is a non-prime product suited for borrowers with a credit score of as low as 500. PrimeX offers the lowest rates possible for those who hadn’t had a foreclosure within the last four years. InvestorX DSCR works great for investors who have no proof of income because their qualification is predicated on the rental fee of their property instead.

Investor Full/Alt provides loans for investors possessing a credit score of as low as 540, and it has a five-year ARM quote rate. It also requires them to show proof of income with pay stubs or tax returns.

Non-QM Loan Customers

HomeXpress serves homeowners who belong in these three categories:

  • Homeowners with credit issues

  • Homeowners who wish to buy investment properties

  • Self-employed homeowners who have many write-offs on their tax returns

Is a Non-QM Loan Just Another Way of Calling it a “Bad Loan?”


In contrast to hearsay, a non-QM loan isn’t a “bad loan.” As you see above, we offer four kinds of non-QM products with their own qualifications and rates. If you’re thinking about applying for one of our loans, you have to go through a specific process like you would with a qualified loan.


Are you thinking of getting a non-QM loan? Please contact HomeXpress Mortgage today.