CoreX Allows Homeownership After a Major Credit Event

February 11, 2022

With Federal stimulus and additional unemployment payments ending, and thousands of dollars in forbearances and foreclosure moratoriums ending, bankruptcies are sure to rise in 2022.

Bankruptcies can impact a borrower’s credit report for up to ten years and borrowers looking to step into homeownership may find it difficult to qualify under conventional underwriting guidelines. A major negative credit event like a bankruptcy can hinder not only the ability to obtain a mortgage, but also limit a borrower’s rental options. Moreover, many borrowers are looking to enter homeownership due to rising rents and indicates that apartment rents will skyrocket by 13.6% in 2022.

Bankruptcies can result from various circumstances like a job layoff, family medical emergency or an unexpected life event such as a divorce or a family member passing. With the cost of rising rents, this option may not always make financial sense and purchasing a home may be the wise alternative. The CoreX product views a credit blemish through a wider lens than conventional underwriting, with flexible guidelines that may allow a borrower to obtain a mortgage despite a past bankruptcy or major credit impairment.

CoreX Program

CoreX is a loan program for borrowers facing challenges when obtaining a mortgage. CoreX is intended for those who have a track record of paying their bills on time yet their credit was negatively impacted by a life event.

Product Features
  • Minimum 600 FICO score
  • Bankruptcy allowed within 12 months of settlement
  • Up to 90% of LTV
  • Loan amounts up to $3 million
  • Qualify with full or alternative documentation
  • Financing of discount points are allowed
  • Unlimited cash out up to 65% LTV; $500,000 above 65% LTV

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