Bank statement loans for self-employed individuals

October 2, 2018

Did you know you can now access bank statement loans as a self-employed business person? Now, it is possible to acquire bank statement loans even when tax returns say otherwise. Bank statements are used by lenders to provide a whole chunk of information about your financial status and credibility.

By surrendering your 12-24 months bank statement, depending on the lender, you have more flexible loan options than ever before. All you have to do is provide proof your business has been running for at least two years, your business license, and your personal and business bank statements.


Flexible lending solutions for self-employed individuals


Advantages of bank statement loans


  1. Flexibility

Regardless of the type of business you run, you qualify for a bank statement loan. Lenders use your bank statements to gauge the amount of money you qualify for and how reliable you are in repaying loans.

  1. No tax returns

One of the major reasons why bank statement loans are are so popular is because tax returns are not required. Traditional financing options required individuals to submit a comprehensive tax return report which often disqualified many self-employed individuals.

It was discovered that tax returns do not necessarily reflect your true income. Self-employed persons can take advantage of the tax deductions, hence reducing their taxable income and Uncle Sam does not have to empty their pockets during tax time.

  1. Eligibility

Self-employment is a qualification for a bank statement loan. You are earning over 25% of your income from self-employment, rental income, bonus, and commission. Basically, one who qualifies for a bank statement loan is:

  • One who derives at least 25% of their primary income from a business in which they hold a controlling interest
  • Derives their primary income from commissions, interests, consultation fees, gratuities, capital gains, or real estate rents
  • As well as, relies on investments for income such as dividends, real estate, interest, or capital gains


Why bank statement loans?

Apart from providing flexible loans, these types of loans also have lower rates than many other cash advance programs. Depending on your lender, the loans offer self-employed borrowers affordable rates allowing them to concentrate on their business instead of paying off mortgages.

Business statement loans aid in building personal and business credit, especially amongst lenders. By repaying your loan in good time, you continue to qualify for more bank statement loans and your credit limit continues to grow.

Businesses with a steady revenue stream deserve financial assistance to aid them in their growth. These types of loans can give the applicants up to $2 million. Depending on the deposits they make into their account.

Therefore, it is crucial that you carefully manage both your business and personal bank accounts if you would like to qualify for a loan on a bank statement. Comment down below any questions or information on bank statement loans, and receive feedback from one of our professionals.